We carry some of the most essential tools in the care and maintenance of your company. From heavy equipment to tree spade parts to tree slings, rope and twine. We offer a collective array of supplies and equipment to help your company operate smoothly.

For anyone involved in tree care, be it a nursery , professional arborist or a home gardener, access to proper parts, supplies, manuals and diagrams  can be incredibly helpful. We at Fieldworks Nursery Equipment strive to not only provide these diagrams and manuals on the correct use of each spade but also tips for their maintenance, safety guidelines, and suggestions for troubleshooting issues. This ensures that the tools and equipment used in tree care are not only effective but also safe for all.


We also provide:

CARETREE Spade parts : Cables and Handles

DPM Pallet Paws 72” 5000 lbs Nursery Forks

Tree Slings – Continuous Loop 3000 lbs. and 6000 lbs rating.

Mule Tape ½” and 5/8” 3000’ Rolls

Poly Twine 1 Ply and 3 Ply Rolls

Sisal Twine 2 Ply

Seatbelt Strapping Rolls

Black Poly ¼” 1200’ Rolls

Webbing 1 ¾”x300’

Stretch Film 15” x 1250’ 100 Gauge

Burlap and Baskets – Available upon Request

We are the only supplier of cables, handles, and cylinders for CareTree spades in the USA.


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