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Fieldworks Nursery Equipment is the exclusive distributor for the Optimal Tree Spade in North America.

The Optimal Tree Spade is the best designed, engineered and manufactured spade available. Designed and manufactured in Germany for over 50 years, Optimal is the world-wide leader in the industry with spades ranging in size from 14 – 98 inches. No job is too large or too small. We invite you to browse our website and discover the Optimal advantages.


Optimal Tree Spades for Every Job

We carry spade models for every size rootball, soil type, and size of machine you might need. Mounting brackets, hydraulic hoses length, hydraulic connections, and control harness length are customized to fit your machine. Optimal Tree Spades are sold “Ready to dig ” so these factors are included in the price, there are no surprises. Our spades cover all nursery standards for root ball diameters and depths.
The C-line models offer a lighter weight implement per ball size with the ability to dig in tight row spacing by design. The pointed curved blades dig 20% more lateral roots than a straight bladed spade. These rounded hang dug looking rootballs mean better survivability and more product loaded on a truck.
The T-line models carry on the tradition and proven durability of the older CareTree spades with a 25° semi truncated rootball and are built to the same high standards of German engineering as the C-line models.


We carry some of the most essential tools in the care and maintenance of your company. From heavy equipment to tree spade parts to tree slings, rope and twine. We offer a collective array of supplies and equipment to help your company operate smoothly.

For anyone involved in tree care, be it a nursery , professional arborist or a home gardener, access to proper parts, supplies, manuals and diagrams  can be incredibly helpful. We at Fieldworks Nursery Equipment strive to not only provide these diagrams and manuals on the correct use of each spade but also tips for their maintenance, safety guidelines, and suggestions for troubleshooting issues. This ensures that the tools and equipment used in tree care are not only effective but also safe for all.


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