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Caretree 601 Digs 22″-28″ 2006 Model
Truncated blades, blades have been trimmed to dig a shorter root ball. Welding has been done to one of the blade towers and swing arm. This machine is in working order. 
Located in Tennessee
Price $3000
Rigsby 3-P Side Slide Digger  Digs 18″-22″ 
Truncated blades, machine is in good overall condition. This digger is currently mounted to a Kubota L-3130 which is available for $ 13,000. This machine is made specifically for tight r & w digging.
Located in Tennessee
Price $ 4, 200
Optimal 1100 Digs 36″-46″
Serial # 110274
Grease type spade, (metal wear guides). Frame and blades are in good condition. Come with a universal quick attachment bracket. Blades will need adjustment. Ideal machine for landscaper or small nursery.
Located in Tennessee
Price $ 8500
Optimal 11 Digs 36″-46″ 2006 Model
Serial # 110605 
Frame and blades are in good condition, weld repairs have been made to each of the spade towers. Comes with a universal quick attachment plate. One hose is known to leak, this machine is able to run. Wear guides will be shipped from the US manufacturer upon purchase and will need to be replaced once received. 
Located in Tennessee
Price $ 7,350
Optimal 1400 Dig 45″ – 55″ 2012 Model
Serial #140439
Body and blades are in good shape. No welds and operates without issue. Comes with quick attachment for a 975 Bobcat ( Bobcat is also available for sale) replacement overflow bottle and wear guides will be shipped from US distributor apon purchase and will need to be replaced once received.
Located in Tennessee
Price $25,400
Caretree 601 2004 Model
22 Degree truncated blades, cable controls, and telescoping spade cylinders. Machine is in overall good condition. Upon purchase a replacement cable and handle will be sent from a US supplier. 
Located in Tennessee
Price $ 5,450
T Rex Ball Hander
Used only two days, excellent condition, alway in a garage.
$10,000.00 ready to go.
Located in New Jersey

Caretree 54″ spade
Item listed: Febuary 22, 2022

w/joystick controls
$7000 Now $6,000
Located in Alabama

Optimal 36.25 Tree Spade
Item listed: December 7, 2021

Rear Counterweights 
Item listed: February 7, 2022

Counter Weighs, 100lbs each, 8 weights $50 each


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