Optimal 1400 Tree Spade

The Optimal 1400 is the perfect spade for anyone interested in moving larger trees. A 55 inch maximum rootball allows you to easily move trees up to 5½ inch caliper. The Optimal 1400 can be operated on some larger skid steer loaders or can be adapted to work on most larger power units. By using telescoping cylinders, the working height of the 1400 is only 69 inches and the width is 63 inches which is invaluable while maneuvering in tight nursery rows.


Optimal 1400 Features:

  • Telescoping spade cylinders reduces working height
  • Electric over hydraulic valve with individual blade controls
  • Double opening swing arm - allows you to dig to the right or left
  • Hydraulic gate lock with safety switch
  • Replaceable wear guides
  • Can be operated on some larger skid-steer loaders


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