Optimal 650 o/s Tree Spade

The OPTIMAL 650 o/s has all the great features of it's larger siblings. Many nurseries produce most of their plants for harvest at 1 1/2"-2 1/2" diameter.


For these nurseries the OPTIMAL 650 o/s offers:

  • The ultimate in reliability - Can dig thousands of plants per year.
  • Great speed - Up to 500 plants per day.
  • Two gates - Dig the right or left row/ hydraulically locking frame.
  • Exterior frame - More room for evergreens, shrubs and multi-stems.
  • Great OPTIMAL rootball - More roots / less soil, no stripped trees, less freight, hand dug appearance.
  • 4 blades not three - Round rootball not triangular, stronger blades / stronger digging / locust redbud no problem.
  • Save ground, chemicals, time and money - No need to widely space your plants with the compact OPTIMAL 650 o/s.


Click here for the Optimal 650 o/s Flyer

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