Loader Mount Spades - Available Sizes 12"-98"

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Model Digs
 optimal 350 350 12"-14"
 optimal P650 P-650 450 Blades - 17"
550 Blades - 21"
650 Blades - 26"
 optimal 650 650 o/s 20"-26"
 optimal 760 760 22"-30"
 optimal 880 880 28"-36"
 optimal 1100 1100 36"-46"
 optimal 1400 1400 45"-55"
 optimal 1700 1700 55"-65"
1800 62"-71"


OPTIMAL Truck Mounted Machines offer many advantages over competitors. Decades of study combined with years of experience in transplanting trees has given us the ideas which make OPTIMAL Truck Mounted Transplanters the OPTIMAL choice in tree transplanting machines.

mounted a mounted a1

 mounted c

 mounted b

The Digging Head is lifted
by a pair of arms.

 mounted 1d

The Digging Head can be
rotated from a vertical to a
horizontal position.

 mounted e

 mounted f

The tree is transported horizontally with the crown of the tree
facing toward the rear. This design is superior since the tree
branches will not snag on obstacles and break, but instead
slide past them.slide past them.

 mounted g

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The Optimal 1700 is specially designed to transplant larger trees with up to a 65" diameter rootball. With its four specially designed concave spades, the 1700 ensures a maximum transplant success rate.


It comes standard with telescoping spade cylinders which greatly reduce the working height of the machine. The 1700 is easily adapted to articulating wheel loaders, crawler loaders, truck mounts and other large capacity power units.

1700 6

Optimal 1700 Features:


  • Telescoping spade cylinders equals greatly reduced working height
  • More lateral roots equals better survival rate
  • Electric over hydraulic individual blade controls
  • Plastic bearing surface
  • Hydraulic gate lock with safety switch
  • Adjustable rootball pads dig from 55-65 inch rootball
  • Machine available from stock
1700 7
1700 8 1700 9

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The Optimal 1400 is the perfect spade for anyone interested in moving larger trees.  A 55 inch maximum rootball allows you to easily move trees up to 5½  inch caliper.  The Optimal 1400 can be operated on some larger skid steer loaders or can be adapted to work on most larger power units.  By using telescoping cylinders, the working height of the 1400 is only 69 inches and the width is 63 inches which is invaluable while maneuvering in tight nursery rows.

1400 6

Optimal 1400 Features:

  • Telescoping spade cylinders reduces working height
  • Electric over hydraulic valve with individual blade controls
  • Double opening swing arm - allows you to dig to the right or left
  • Hydraulic gate lock with safety switch
  • Replaceable wear guides
  • Can be operated on some larger skid-steer loaders
1400 7
1400 5 1400 8

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The Optimal 1100 is one of our most popular models.  It is capable of digging up to a 46 inch rootball and down to a 36 inch rootball.  This makes the 1100 the perfect choice for 3½ - 4½ inch caliper trees.  One of the reasons for the 1100's popularity is its ability to dig a fairly large 46 inch rootball using a smaller power unit.


The Model 1100 will run easily on a 2,500 pound lift skid-steer and can also be mounted on tractors, excavators, wheel loaders, etc.  The 1100 comes standard with electric hydraulic controls with individual blade control, universal mounting bracket, and lift pads for digging smaller rootballs.

1100 6

Optimal 1100 Features:


  • Zero grease fittings
  • Compact  - digs a 4.5 inch tree with a 2500 pound lift, skid steer with no counter weight
  • Electric over hydraulic individual blade controls
  • Easily adjustable blades
  • Dual opening gates
  • Lift pads for digging smaller root balls


 1100 7
1100 8 1100 9

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The Optimal 880 is the upgraded version of our old Model 850. It has been in production for over 10 years and is a tried and proven work horse in the 28-36" rootball range. Because of the compact size, load center, and weight of this machine, it can be run on a much smaller loader. Typically if you are operating one of our competitor's 28-32" spades, you can run the 880 on that same loader. This is a huge advantage if you need to step up to a 36" size. Some of the other advantages are no grease fittings and its easily adjustable blades (15 minutes or less).

880 5

Optimal 880 Features:

  • 4 blades for superior digging in hard soils
  • Dual gates - digs to right or left
  • Compact size for tight conditions
  • Superior speed
  • Optimal rootball - more roots/less soil = more trees per load
  • Reliability/German engineering and superior customer service
 880 6
880 8 880 7



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The Optimal 760 is the newest design from Optimal.  It has a deeper digging depth and will allow a nursery to own one spade and dig in the 20- 30 inch range.

760 1

Optimal 760 Features:

  • With a weight of 1034 pounds, it works well on a small compact loader
  • Four blades
  • Dual opening gates
  • No grease fittings
  • Easy blade adjustments
  • Broad range of popular digging sizes
 760 2
760 3 760 4

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The OPTIMAL 650 o/s has all the great features of it's larger siblings. Many nurseries produce most of their plants for harvest at 1 1/2"-2 1/2" diameter.

650 3
For these nurseries the OPTIMAL 650 o/s offers:
  • The ultimate in reliability - Can dig thousands of plants per year.

  • Great speed - Up to 500 plants per day.

  • Two gates - Dig the right or left row/ hydraulically locking frame.

  • Exterior frame - More room for evergreens, shrubs and multi-stems.

  • Great OPTIMAL rootball - More roots / less soil, no stripped trees, less freight, hand dug appearance.

  • 4 blades not three - Round rootball not triangular, stronger blades / stronger digging / locust redbud no problem.

  • Save ground, chemicals, time and money - No need to widely space your plants with the compact OPTIMAL 650 o/s.
650 1
650 4

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The OPTIMAL P650 is available with  interchangeable blades and scrapers. The 450 blades dig a 17" diameter rootball;  the 550 blades dig a 21" diameter rootball;  and the 650 blades dig a 25" diameter rootball.  The P-650 digs a more shallow, rounded rootball similar to hand dug material.  The unique scoop design allows the Optimal P650 to easily harvest shrubs and other low branched  plants.  This unit is easily adapted to skid-steer, mini-skid and excavators.  It is excellent for high volume production.

p650 4

Optimal P650 Features:

  • Interchangeable Blades
  • 450 - 17 inch
  • 550 - 21 inch
  • 650 - 25 inch
  • Electric/Hydraulic Controls
  • With a height of 26" and width of 29", the Optimal P650 is easily the most compact spade in the world
  • 2-Blade Scoop design = outstanding harvest speed around 10 seconds per plant
  • 2001 Innovation Award from American Nursery & Landscape Association
p650 5
p650 6 p650 7

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